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John Bunyan and Harlington Manor

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The only building still occupied, in which John Bunyan is known to have stayed.

John Bunyan, Author
In 1660, John Bunyan, the famous Bedfordshire author, was interrogated by local magistrate and then owner of the house , Sir Francis Wingate, following an episode of alleged seditious preaching by Bunyan at nearby Samsell. Following the interrogation, Bunyan was arrested and imprisoned, overnight, in a garret room. That room can be visited as part of our guided tour arrangement. The interrogation itself took place in the panelled Great Parlour-which has scarcely altered since. Afterwards, Bunyan was sent to Bedford Gaol, where he remained for the next 12 years. In the course of his confinement he wrote the literary classic, “Pilgrims Progress”; the second most read book in the English language.